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What is SharePoint

SharePoint is a document management platform that is web based. SharePoint allows those using the platform the control who can access what information. It’s a highly flexible system mainly used to store documents and communicate important information through the business.

With SharePoint, those who have access can create an internal internet system, that functions like any other website. Different components can be created for specific departments or teams in the business. This allows for a secure space that users can access, share an edit different documents accordingly.  Other features include:

  • File sharing – both internally and externally. Content can be shared with people both inside and outside your organisation.
  • There’s a content management feature that helps to maintain organisation of libraries and important records.
  • Search functions to filter through and identify specific information.
  • Mobile access through apps which allows a flawless access system for members of staff who aren’t always in front of a computer.


Benefits of SharePoint

There are many great benefits of using SharePoint for your organisation. Its mainly used to create internal websites – a secure place to share, store and access information from any trusted device.

One of the greatest benefits of SharePoint is its ability to enhance the security of your company. Security is an integral part of everyday business and with today’s technology, cyber-attacks, fraud schemes and system hacks are all possibilities. Having poor communication security can compromise your business’ integrity and even reputation. Using a system like SharePoint can massively prevent security issues as teams can share vital information with a reduced risk of vulnerability.

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Additionally, whether your business is large or small. SharePoint enables increased productivity as its centred around an intranet-based collaboration experience that means secure sharing, content management and workflow features alongside many others. Its easily maintainable and easy for users the understand and navigate their way around. There’s endless amounts of ways for users to utilize the platform and increase productivity overall.

The flexibility of SharePoint is great as it makes it easy to schedule tasks, share information and contacts and much more. By having all this in one place, there’s no messy structure to finding different components. Administrators can assign different permission levels as week as, document sharing, file management, social networking, and anything else that’s involved with everyday business operations.

lady receiving a Scam Call

Using SharePoint in the Workplace

By using SharePoint in the workplace, it creates the opportunity to save time, save money and eliminate stress and hassle. SharePoint allows you great ways to introduce more of a structured and organised way of sharing business content.

SharePoint provides the core functionalities of an intranet at a fraction of the cost. Here at Discus Systems we provide the set up process and general maintenance needed when you purchase the system initially. We are here, on hand to help you with any queriers about the system and help you ensure that everyone within your company has a clear understanding about the functionality of the various platforms that SharePoint has to offer.  To make the job overall easier for your employees, its important to firstly understand the purpose of the site.

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Whether the intranet site is being used to read important handbooks and information or download payslips, its vital that the platform is easy to navigate to eliminate the added burden of figuring out a new system.

SharePoint is an Intranet solution, ideal for small businesses. An intranet system is essentially a private network design to help improve the functions of communication and information sharing between employees. It keeps people connected, allows tasks collaboration, improves employee engagement, and supports overall business objectives.

updating ipad after Apple Issues Patch To Stop iPhone ‘Zero-Click’ Spyware

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