Microsoft 365 (Formerly Office 365)

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Key Features of Microsoft 365 (Formerly Office 365)

Discover the unique aspects of Microsoft 365 (Formerly Office 365)that simplify tasks and enhance your experience. Let’s explore these features that are designed to optimise your workflow.

Microsoft 365’s cornerstone application, Teams, elevates teamwork to a new level. It enables colleagues to collaborate through video conferences, shared workspaces, and real-time document collaboration, all within a single, cohesive platform.

With OneDrive and SharePoint, users experience the true power of the cloud. Real-time synchronization, file storage, and backup features ensure that work is saved and accessible across devices, empowering a mobile and dynamic workforce.

Microsoft 365 implements robust security measures such as two-factor authentication, advanced threat protection, and data loss prevention policies, offering businesses robust defense mechanisms to protect against cyber threats and ensure data integrity.


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About Microsoft 365 (Formerly Office 365)

Microsoft 365, previously known as Office 365, is much more than just a suite of productivity applications. It is a comprehensive platform that empowers users with a wide array of enterprise apps and services, enhancing communication, collaboration, and creativity in the modern workspace.

With its integrated suite of popular applications such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook, Microsoft 365 enables users to quickly create and edit documents seamlessly. But it doesn’t stop there. It also includes other apps that spark creativity and innovation, allowing users to explore new possibilities.

One of the key features of Microsoft 365 is its ability to safely store files in the cloud, ensuring accessibility across devices, anytime and anywhere. This promotes a flexible and dynamic working environment, enabling teams to stay connected and productive even when physically apart.

Microsoft 365 also plays a vital role in education, helping students develop knowledge and skills in equitable learning environments. With a wide range of apps available, students can easily access their favorite Microsoft apps and create files that showcase their learning journey.

Data security and privacy are top priorities for Microsoft 365. With enterprise-grade security measures in place, it safeguards personal data and ensures compliance with privacy regulations. Businesses of all sizes can rely on Microsoft 365 as a comprehensive solution that not only enhances productivity but also protects valuable data.

In addition to the familiar and beloved Microsoft apps, Microsoft 365 offers even more apps to cater to the diverse needs of users. Whether you are an IT developer or a creative professional, there are tools and resources available to support your specific requirements.

Beyond traditional services and apps, Microsoft 365 introduces innovative features designed to app spark creativity and free users to create without limitations. Tailored apps such as Stream and Sway invite new methods of presentation and storytelling, enriching the overall learning environment. These tools encourage a dynamic exchange of ideas, fostering a culture where imagination and knowledge coalesce to inspire students and professionals alike.

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What Services include Microsoft 365 (Formerly Office 365)?

You can purchase this product separately or as part of one of our support packages. You can find out more about these support packages below.

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Business IT Support

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Frequently Asked Questions About Microsoft 365 (Formerly Office 365)?

We have compiled a list of frequently asked questions from potential customers before they start working with us on the Microsoft 365 (Formerly Office 365), just click on the question to see the answer!

Microsoft 365 includes all the features of Office 365, along with additional services such as enterprise-grade security and device management solutions. Office 365 became Microsoft 365 to represent its expanded suite of productivity tools and services.

Yes, you can use the core apps of Microsoft 365 like Word, Excel, and PowerPoint without an internet connection. However, you’ll need to connect to the internet every 30 days to maintain your subscription status.

Teams enables colleagues to collaborate through video conferences, chat, shared workspaces, and real-time document collaboration, providing an all-in-one platform for seamless teamwork.

Absolutely. Microsoft 365 has scalable subscription plans designed for businesses of all sizes, including tailored features specifically for small businesses.

OneDrive is integrated with Microsoft 365 and acts as your personal cloud storage space for your documents, photos, and files. It allows for automatic synchronization across all your devices.

Microsoft 365 offers a range of security features, including two-factor authentication, threat protection, information protection, and security management capabilities to help safeguard your data.

Yes, depending on the subscription plan, you can share your Microsoft 365 Family subscription with up to 6 people, each getting access to the full suite of Microsoft 365 apps.

Microsoft regularly releases new features and updates for Microsoft 365, including services and apps, to keep your experience fresh and up-to-date. These apps spark creativity and allow you to quickly create documents. Plus, you can freely create and learn in this environment.

Yes, Microsoft 365 prioritizes data security, implementing robust measures to protect your personal information and ensuring compliance with privacy regulations. With your personal data easily added to Microsoft 365, your information remains safe and secure.

Microsoft 365’s cloud-based services apps enable you to access your files across devices, whether it’s a laptop, tablet, or smartphone. This provides flexibility and convenience in how you work.