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Office 365 is the latest Cloud based solution from Microsoft. It’s a perfect combination of Office 365 and Windows 10. The two integrated systems allow for the most convenient, efficient system for many different reasons.

Why your IT systems need Microsoft 365?


One of the many benefits of having Microsoft 365 for your business is the enhanced communication. Communication between team members and even those external to the business. Microsoft 365 allows for direct and immediate contact with one another through software’s such as Teams, Skype, Outlook and more. These are ideal as wherever team members are, at any time, there is a means for instant communication which inevitably improves productivity. Platforms such as Teams and Skype means that face-to-face, direct communication can go ahead, which is always useful as in person meetings aren’t always convenient.

What Is Web Accessibility?
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Another great benefit to having Microsoft 365 is the ability to access it from anywhere. Whether working from home, the office or even on holiday – all you need is your laptop, tablet or phone and you’re able to stay connected and in touch with everything going on as though you are still within close proximity to the rest of the team. Additionally, if you need to check in or recheck something and don’t have your desktop with you, remote access allows you to stay in touch no matter where you are.

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Cloud Storage

There’s also the ability to increase productivity and efficiency of you workforce by generating a way to organise documents and ways of sharing with platforms such as SharePoint and OneDrive. This means that documents can be uploaded without fear of being lost or corrupted. Another factor that is great to consider is that, if a team member is off sick, leaves the business, or if their computer crashes you are still able to obtain direct access to their work as it will be uploaded to a safe facility online.

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Microsoft 365 is built with advance security features to allow for protection against external threats and also ensure only administrators have internal access control. Admins are able to maintain control over who has access to what data. For example, if a team member loses their phone or laptop, it is possible to wipe all Microsoft 365 data including emails so that private business information doesn’t get into the wrong hands.

Microsoft also ensure protection and security of your business data. When you upload files to cloud storage, it automatically become encrypted meaning you have control over who is eligible to access. There are customised permissions and preferences at the Microsoft 365 security centre so you can monitor security health and be aware of suspicious activities.

make sure your clicking on the best security option

If you’re looking for an innovative system alongside a trustworthy company to support you with all you IT needs, then you definitely need Microsoft 365 with Discus Systems. We aim to provide only the very best services and customer support for out clients, making it easier for you if problems arise or even if you have a simple query.

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