What is Cyber security Birmingham?

Cyber security is the service of defending and protecting computers, networks, data, mobiles, and any type of electronic system from the attacks of harmful viruses, hacks and other things that can put your data and devices at risk.

At Discus we offer Cyber security Birmingham to our clients, protecting and ensuring that their important IT systems are protected and safe from potential attackers. It’s important to have Cyber security as a measure for preventing unauthorised access to large amounts of personal and private information you have stored. For example, schools, businesses and even doctor surgeries all need to have a strong Cyber security system in place to prevent peoples personal information from being compromised by harmful Cyber attackers. Cyber security essentially is the risk of Cyber attacks being reduced by organisations.

Why is Cyber security important?

The most part of our lives now include some form of technology, whether it’s in the workplace or even your everyday phone use.  These technological devices are used from day to day and contain a lot of our important and private information. There is also an unspoken expectation that the company you work for or any other outlet that stores personal information of yours such as home address, medical records, or bank details, makes sure that this information isn’t accessible to anyone other than themselves.

As a business owner its important to ensure that you maintain this trust with your staff by protecting their information as well as your own – having a Cyber security system in place can prevent this breach. Our Cyber security Birmingham service offers protection for your technical devices as well as other IT Supporting Services you may need.

Benefits of Cyber security Birmingham

  • Cyber Security offer protection to your business, all personal records and details are protected and looked after to prevent a compromise where these details could potentially be stolen by a hacker.
  • Having Cyber security can also prevent your website from going down. This is handy as a business because this can unfortunately and inconveniently happen sometimes. However, having Cyber security in place can prevent this meaning there is no loss of time, money or missed transactions. It also increases customer trust as a website that has frequent downtime can create trust issues with their customers. Another great feature to have to prevent something like this being detrimental is a back up and recovery plan.
  • A great benefit of Cyber security is the protection of reputation that it offers. Commonly large organisations have suffered from data breaches and has resulted in the leak of thousands of their customers private details. This obviously results in bad press for any company no mater the size. Customers and shareholders want the assurance that you’re taking care of their data and there is no possibility of a breach. Even small businesses can suffer, if you have weak Cyber security, your data is at risk – which is why it’s always better to have in place just in case.
  • If unfortunately you suffer from a breach in any way, it’s easy to recover from the damage as the problem is quickly identified and you can decipher what went wrong and how to improve security in that sector.
Computer Screen Displaying Security System

Discus Systems for your Cyber Security Birmingham

Here at Discus Systems, we want to help you protect your business from harmful hackers and Cyber-attacks, which is why we offer our bespoke Cyber security Birmingham service to protect your data and the data of you business.  To find out more, contact us today!

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