Password Management

It can be tricky keeping track of all the passwords we use in everyday life, especially if we also need them to be accessible and shareable with family, friends and colleagues.

Password management allows users to save a randomly generated, secure password and then share it with ease. These efficient tools mean users don’t have to worry about remembering every password as they safely do all the work for you. With 81% of data breaches being linked to weak passwords, they are a staple for personal and business security. Our top picks include Lastpass, Keeper, Bitwarden and 1pass – all work in very much the same way and we can discuss which is right for you. 

Multi Factor Authentication (MFA) 

Another no-brainer when it comes to cyber security, MFA has the potential to stop attacks or breaches at no extra cost to the user. 

Authentication essentially means proving the user is who they say they are, when trying to access certain accounts. With the potential for usernames and passwords to be discovered by someone or something else, adding in a second verification step can ensure the user is the real deal. These can be in the form of information such as the answer to a personal question, having a code sent to a smartphone set up with the account, or using facial recognition or fingerprints.  

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They may seem annoying, strange and sometimes even funny – but there is a serious side to spam emails, and it’s essential that you or your business deals with them in the right way. 

Email inboxes are a gateway into your IT system, so it’s important to know what is being delivered before accepting it. At Discus, we opt for Hornet Security for its method of ‘washing’ emails before they land in your inbox. It’s worth knowing that Microsoft does not do this out of the box – it is something you need to add. 

Prevention and detection 

Cyber defence options typically fall into preventative methods and, more recently, detection methods. Prevention involves making your systems solid, lessening the chance of an attack. Detection is the proactive choice, aimed at identifying and remediating threats. 

A traditional anti-virus software is seen as slightly outdated now as the real vulnerabilities lie in attacks such as those from ransomware – the most sophisticated malware – that threatens to publish and/or block personal data for ransom. This can be done through apps like Adobe, iTunes, VLC Player, Chrome and more.  

Microsoft Office 365 security monitoring  

Microsoft Office 365 users will want to secure their environment, and ensure that any unusual activity is spotted and acted upon. 

Security monitoring does exactly this, and our software works consistently to spot any anomalies that need to be reported. We can also physically view activity and step in if we spot anything out of the ordinary, such as a user logging in from a different country.  

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As well as our software and expert services, we can provide training to enhance your cyber security. By understanding the threats and their origins, we can focus on ways to avoid potential breaches. This could be as simple as teaching staff about not clicking unusual links in emails or how to recognise when something is legitimate. 

We even create our own ‘test’ campaigns, which are tailored to trick users so we can show who is more vulnerable and would benefit from further training. This is a hugely empowering tool that can boost user confidence.


Microsoft Does Not Guarantee Your Data, Microsoft recommends a 3rd party to back up your data*

Of course, with the evolving nature and increasing challenges of cyber-attacks, breaches can still happen – even with all the tools in place. 

Backing up user data such as emails, contacts and documents, is an essential part of being prepared. Having a continuous back up system that stores important information is hugely useful, should you ever need to recover important information. 

* Microsoft Service Agreement – Section 6b – We strive to keep the Services up and running; however, they are not offered with a guaranteed level of quality of service and all online services suffer occasional disruptions and outages. In the event of an outage or disruption to the Service, you may temporarily not be able to retrieve Your Content. We recommend that you regularly backup Your Content and Data that you store on the Services or store using Third-Party Apps and Services.

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