Unveiling the Success of our Solihull Cyber-Security & Business Networking Event

Last month, the thriving business community in Solihull came together for the annual Cyber-Security & Business Networking Event of the year. Hosted under the theme of “Cyber Resilience Morning,” this exclusive event offered attendees a unique opportunity to connect with local businesses, gain insights into the latest cyber-security advancements, and enjoy a complimentary lunch. As we look back on this event, we’re excited to share the highlights and key takeaways from the day.

One of the primary objectives of this event was to facilitate meaningful connections among local business owners. Attendees were personally introduced to one another, with a focus on identifying potential synergies. These introductions aimed to foster collaborations and partnerships among businesses in Solihull. Networking opportunities were abundant, including coffee breaks and a delightful complimentary lunch, creating a conducive environment for building valuable relationships.

The event featured expert speakers, including representatives from the Police Cyber Resilience Unit and specialized security partners. These speakers delved into vital aspects of cyber resilience, sharing insider insights on protecting businesses from modern threats, including those posed by AI. Attendees gained a deeper understanding of the evolving cyber-security landscape and learned practical strategies to safeguard their organizations.

In a forward-thinking move, the event offered attendees a chance to experience virtual reality (VR) technology. With VR headsets, participants explored immersive simulations, showcasing the potential influence of VR on the future of business. This interactive experience allowed attendees to glimpse into the cutting-edge technologies that are shaping the business landscape.

Lunch at the event was not just a meal; it was an opportunity to dine with a specially selected business person, chosen based on potential synergy. This thoughtful arrangement encouraged meaningful conversations and the exchange of ideas. It exemplified the event’s commitment to fostering collaboration and growth among the Solihull business community.

Beyond the insights gained about cyber resilience, this event served as a platform for attendees to foster relationships with other business owners in Solihull. It encouraged potential collaborations and connections with technology innovators. In essence, it was more than just a conference; it was a catalyst for growth and advancement within the Solihull business ecosystem.

The event’s inclusivity extended to inviting colleagues and fellow business owners. This openness allowed for a diverse and enriching experience, provided their businesses employed five or more staff members.

In conclusion, the Solihull Cyber-Security & Business Networking Event of 2022 was a resounding success, showcasing the power of collaboration, innovation, and knowledge-sharing within the local business community. As we reflect on this event, we are excited about the possibilities it has created and the resilience it has instilled in Solihull’s businesses. We eagerly anticipate future editions of this event and the continued growth it will bring to our vibrant community.

Guest Speakers

Francis West

Security Everywhere

Vanessa Eyles

West Midlands Cyber Resilience Centre



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