Do you know if anyone is snooping on your emails?

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What would happen if a member of your team got their eyes on some of your private emails?

Maybe they contain important financial information or key business data or even personal stuff about your life. Whatever it is, I’m sure you wouldn’t want it being accessible to your staff, unless you’ve specifically granted them access.

It’s not all about external threats

So many business owners become preoccupied with the threat of cybercriminals and overlook the all too real dangers posed by internal threats.

Data is king and in the wrong hands it can be very dangerous.

You work really hard to make sure your business thrives, but what would happen if that confidential paperwork about the new deal you were about to close with all the confidential pricing and your key offerings suddenly left the business. You see one of your staff had granted themselves access to your emails and you had no idea. What’s more they’d been waiting for the lucrative moment when they could seize key information and send it out for themselves. After all, they’d been looking to set up business themselves and this could seriously help them. It could happen couldn’t it?

If you’ve got sensitive data (employee information), or run a regulated service industry (accountant, solicitor, schools, colleges …), it’s even worse. Anyway, fact is you’ve suffered a data breach and you don’t even know it!

Are you sure they’re working from home?

Added to this is the fact that more and more employees work from home. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but it means you’re less in control of what they’re doing.

Let’s forget the actual tasks, but focus on where they’re working from.

Have they, for example, decided to take a small holiday, on your time, because they can just as easily log in and work from Spain/France/Turkey. If you’re happy with this, no problem, but if this wasn’t part of the plan, you need to know!

There is a sensible, affordable way to keep on top of it all

Monitoring your systems for who is accessing your mailbox, where logins are being made from and data leaving your business is all easily achievable with the right Tools.

Much more than this can be achieved to protect your Microsoft 365 from not only external cyberthreats, but internal risks too.

See it for yourself

Don’t take my word for it but see it for yourself in action.

Get a FREE report today to see who has access to not only your mailbox, but other people’s too.

It will also give you lots, lots more key information about your Microsoft 365 that you need to know to make sure you aren’t at risk.

The Report is yours FREE to take away. Just hit reply and we’ll get things sorted.

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