I want to praise your wonderful staff.

Okay, so you may have the odd one who doesn’t really do their best, but then again I’m sure you have quite a few who are really shining stars. It’s these that I want to focus on.

You know who they are, they’ll never let you down. Come rain or shine, they’ll diligently work away, making sure they’ve done all they should and more, even on weekends, evenings and holidays. They just want to please. 😊

Be aware of the dangers

It’s this driving work ethic in your wonderful staff that can actually pose a problem to your business.

I sent you an email a couple of days ago about how staff can inadvertently give away their usernames and passwords by clicking on rogue links and inviting cybercriminals into your Microsoft 365 system, without you even knowing they’re there.

Be aware that a conscientious, sensible, switched-on employee can just as easily fall victim by using a rogue internet connection, without even realising it. Maybe they’re on holiday and just checking in to send that final report, check an email, work on some figures …

They wouldn’t even know they were doing anything wrong, but they could be delivering their Microsoft 365 credentials and consequent access into the hands of a cybercriminal.

You need to know!

If you’re covered with monitoring and alerting systems that let you know rapidly if any suspicious logins have taken place on your Microsoft 365, any new admins added, new forwarders placed on emails, data leaving the business, etc. you’ll be fine.

BUT if you don’t have a system that automatically checks this for you consistently 24/7/365, you are leaving yourself open to a big risk.

We’re all human, we all make mistakes. We can’t guard against that, BUT we can lessen the blow if anyone does make a mistake by eliminating the threat before any damage can be done.

FREE check on your Microsoft 365 NOW

Would you like to have a FREE check on your Microsoft 365 now to make sure none of your systems have been exposed to cybercriminals. With the average time a cybercriminal will hide out in your systems once they have gained entry, being over 200 days, why take the risk?

Just hit reply and you could have the key facts in front of you shortly. Isn’t it better to be in the know!

All the best