A really easy way to almost guarantee your business doesn’t get hacked.

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Here’s a really easy way to almost guarantee your business doesn’t get hacked.

So, you’re a busy business owner?

You’ve worked hard to get your business, your livelihood, to where it is, right?

You’ve put in the best Microsoft 365 system to make sure your business isn’t left behind.

The last thing you want is to get up one morning to discover you’ve suffered a catastrophic data breach overnight. Customer data leakage, all your business information: financial, confidential material, EVERYTHING exposed.

But this couldn’t happen, we take so much care.

I’m sure you do. I bet you put in the recommended hardware/software and make sure it’s updated promptly.

I’m sure you also educate your staff on how to avoid clicking dodgy links in emails and websites.

They’re a great team, aren’t they? They would never knowingly expose you to threats.


Sometimes your staff’s loyalty can backfire!

We all have those brilliant staff who consistently give their all, both during working and non-working hours. You must have a few in your business?

Even when they’re holidaying abroad, they’ll check in from the hotel, just to add one bit to that final report.

They don’t mind using their own laptop to do it. They’ll never let you down!

And you’re grateful …

Or are you?

Don’t take my word for it, listen to the cybercriminals…

To paraphrase a former cybercriminal now turned good guy, Kevin Mitnick, his first route to gain entry to systems wasn’t through complex hardware and software hacking, but by socially engineering users. It was the easiest and quickest route. Why? Well, because as human beings we’re naturally curious and predisposed to being helpful.

  • So don’t blame your accounts assistant for helping Sally from your top supplier. After all that highly authentic email asking for a bit of help updating some details, ticked every box for being legit. Your team member was just doing what you pay them to do.
  • Or how was your loyal employee to ever know that the hotel internet they logged into was a rogue connection?
  • So, your administrator’s own PC isn’t regularly updated with the latest security patches, but it does the job and lets them access those important reports they need to complete before they get back to work.

Worst thing is, with cybercriminals hiding out in systems for upwards of 200 days, according to latest research, neither you nor your staff will know they have done anything wrong. That is, UNTIL, the cybercriminal choses the most lucrative time to strike.

Most cybercrime takes place during your downtime

Did you know the most popular time for cybercrime is Christmas Day?

Weekends and middle of the night whilst you are sleeping, are also common.

It’s obvious really. Why would they choose a time when they might be detected? It’s much easier to strike when your attention is elsewhere.

They want to do the most damage and get the most data before you even know about it.

How you can sleep easier

Do you want to settle down to a good night’s sleep, a really peaceful Christmas or totally turn off on your holiday, content that you’re not going to get hacked?

Well it’s really easy to do – just choose to block access to your Microsoft 365 account.

This means it cannot be accessed, so it can’t put you in any danger.

What’s more, if you did have hidden cybercriminals in your account, it would also boot them out.

But I need my systems

You won’t lose anything, you’re just blocking access AND you can choose which accounts and which times you want this to cover.

For example, you may make it company policy that after a certain time each evening, all accounts are blocked until a certain time the following morning.

This would certainly remove that popular cybercrime window.

Or, you may choose to block members of staff who are going on holiday. No chance of using rogue internet or unprotected personal devices then.

Or you could choose to block during a companywide closure, so you can get the rest and relaxation you need.

What if I need access back?

It’s just a couple of simple clicks for us to turn it back on for you/your team member if it’s needed before the planned reactivation date.

Earn staff loyalty easily

An added benefit from preventing staff from working during evenings, weekends, holidays is that you are telling them you want them to take a well-deserved rest.

We all know mental health is extremely important too.

By turning off from work and not feeling the guilt that they should be doing something, they will be able to get their vital downtime.

In return your staff will feel grateful. They will be more refreshed and able to perform better.

So, it’s a win-win situation.

If you like what you’ve heard

Scheduled access is just one of the many monitoring and alerting systems we can provide for your Microsoft 365.

You can always rest easy knowing that your systems are monitored 24/7/365 for any signs of suspicious activity AND

if anything is spotted, you’ll be alerted rapidly, so it can be sorted before any damage can be done.

Next step

Click this link NOW to find out more about monitoring and alerting for your Microsoft 365.

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