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Posted by Damien Biddulph on Wed 28th Apr 2010
We are pleased to announce the new LIFEBOOK S760 to the LIFEBOOK product range.
The LIFEBOOK S760 is a high performance, fully modular notebook with a new thin & light magnesium design with a starting weight of only 1.6 Kg.
Key features of the new LIFEBOOK S760:
o    High Performance Latest Technology
·         Intel® Core™ i3 / i5 / i7 processors, Intel® QM57 chipset, Intel® HD graphics
·         HD LED backlit display
·         Intel® Centrino® 6200 a/b/g/n WLAN
·         DDR3 memory
·         Intel® vPro™ technology
o    Maximum Flexibility
·         Ultra slim modular bay for options such as a 2nd battery increasing run time up to 12 hours, 2nd hard drive increasing storage space, DVDRW optical drive or weight saving module for a system weight of only 1.6 Kg
o    Ultimate Security
·         Computrace® enabled BIOS, integrated smart card controller, optional fingerprint sensor, trusted platform module (TPM), advanced theft protection software (ATP)
o    System Guards
·         Hard disk drive shock sensor, spill resistant keyboard, robust magnesium construction
o    Best Connectivity
·         WLAN, Bluetooth 2.1, HDMI, optional 3G/UMTS
o    Ergonomic Design & Ease of Use
·         Gesture controlled touch pad, independent scroll wheel, anytime USB charge, anti glare LED backlit display, webcam, optional port replicator
o    Green
·         Energy Star 5.0 rating, LED backlit display, power management utility, ECO button, optional solid state disk for increased energy efficiency and fewer harmful chemicals
Click here for a video product tour of the LIFEBOOK S760.

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Posted by Damien Biddulph on Mon 26th Apr 2010

You already know that Fujitsu ETERNUS entry level systems are fast. Test results released today (26th April) are even better. Whether doing database or file IO, the ETERNUS DX90 did more of it, faster, than its key competitors. And the next best after the DX90 is the DX80.

It’s not just Fujitsu saying it. In December, writing for ITPRO, Dave Mitchell’s review of the ETERNUS DX80 said
“… throughput of no less than 1380MB/sec .,. its raw performance is quite remarkable.”
More recently, one of our resellers told us “the DX was quick and easy to set up but most of all very fast. To get that level of performance from HP and HDS we would have to go the “next level” a level we are not accredited to go to and is prohibitively expensive for us to do so. We are thus advising our customers that the best option for price and performance is by far the Fujitsu Eternus range”.

It’s not just the entry range that’s fast. Earlier this month the latest Storage Performance Council released the benchmark data for the ETERNUS DX440. The results were remarkable: the ETERNUS DX440 beat every competitor, whether based on performance, throughput or price/performance.
In the last 50 years, server performance has increased a millionfold. Disk performance is barely a hundred times better.

That’s why, when we designed the ETERNUS range of disk storage, we paid particular attention to disk performance. The results speak for themselves.

Fujitsu. We make storage better.

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Posted by Damien Biddulph on Fri 23rd Apr 2010

Keep an eye on Fujitsu products in the press! Check out our live demo video of the T4410 tablet pc with Multi-touch and our fantastic first review of the LIFEBOOK S760 ultra-portable business notebook!

LIFEBOOK T4410 Tablet PC with Multi-Touch features
Review by Computer Active: "Decent processor and losts of memory, excellent feature. We'd recommend the Fujitsu LIFEBOOK T4410 as a reliable computer for anyone who needs to work on the move". Read more.
The LIFEBOOK T4410 is a 12.1” convertible tablet PC with dual digitiser to allow you to take advantage of the multi-touch feature of Windows 7. The LIFEBOOK T4410 enables you to scroll through documents, move files, zoom into graphics as well as many more functions all with the tablet pen or even with your finger tips. Lots of additional features are available including handwriting recognition and the flexibility of using it on the move with the modular bay to add a second battery or weight saver.  
Starting Price: £954
Review by V3: Overall Rating 4 out of 5! “We were generally impressed with the LIFEBOOK’S sturdiness and flexibility, which should make the system well suited as a corporate laptop. The 13.3. inch screen itself delivers an excellent 1,366 x 768 image” With reference to the keyboard the review reads, “ We found it to be one of the most comfortable keyboards for typing that we have used in a long time”. Read more.
The LIFEBOOK S760 is an ultra-portable business notebook great for people on the move weighing only 1.6kg. This LIFEBOOK delivers a great performance with a full-featured performance processor and a 13.3 inch display with optional magnesium housing to reduce the weight and size of the unit – a truly ultra-portable device!
Starting Price: £871
Review by What Laptop: “One of the Fujitsu’s LIFEBOOK P3110’s stand-out features is the crisp 11.6 inch display. The build quality also impresses, with a glossy lid that proves form enough for life on the road. The compact chassis size and 1.5kg weight mean he Fujitsu LIFEBOOK P3110 can be carried around all day with ease.” Read more.
“The compact chassis size and 1.5kg weight mean the Fujitsu Lifebook P3110 can be carried around all day with ease. With 314 minutes battery life on offer – which surpasses our expectations – you can easily work for more than 5 hours.” Read more.
The LIFEBOOK P3110 is a stylish ultra-portablenotebook perfect for when you’re on the move. The P3110 has been certified as EnergyStar 5.0 rating due to the low power consumption and long battery life, and available in glossy red or black.
Starting Price: £576
Review by ZDNet: Overall rating - 7.3 out of 10. “The LIFEBOOK P8110 is a very portable device with dimensions of 28.2cm wide by 21.5cm deep. The base section is very solidly built. Fujitsu’s LIFEBOOK P8110 crams a good range of features (including an optical drive) into it’s small chassis”. Read More.
The LIFEBOOK P8110 weighs in at only 1.4kg providing maximum comfort and great mobility while on the go. This notebooks also offers one of the smallest footprints in the 12-inch market.
Starting Price: £1300 TGP
Look out for more reviews coming soon covering more from Fujitsu’s portfolio.

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Posted by Damien Biddulph on Fri 23rd Apr 2010

Take advantage of this fantastic offer during April while stocks last. Purchase the selected ESPRIMO E3520 SFF PC product code VFY:E3520PF031GB and get £10 off.

The ESPRIMO E3520 has a great new design allowing it to be positioned either vertically or horizontally to ensure a comfortable fit into all office environments. Equipped with an Intel® Core™2 Duo E7500 processor and 2GB RAM, the ESPRIMO E3520 is designed to provide a powerful energy-efficient perfromance so you can do more at once without slowing down. A massive 320GB Hard drive is supplied to store all types of media and data.

For an organisation looking to have Green I.T at its core, or indeed for those looking to have maximum consideration for the environment, the ESPRIMO E3520 is the ideal infrastructure addition. The ESPRIMO E3520 surpasses both Energy Star® 5.0 and Blue Angel requirements and includes a power supply boasting up to 87% efficiency. 

Product Code Description Standard  Promo Saving  
VFY:E3520PF031GB Intel Core2 Duo E7500, 2GB RAM, 320GB HDD, DVD Supermulti, Windows 7 / Twinload £399 £389 £10  

Please call for more information - 0800 880 3360

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Posted by Damien Biddulph on Wed 21st Apr 2010

It’s never too late to save energy and enjoy the financial savings with maximum performance.

Fujitsu introduced the world’s first 0-Watt PC in 2009 and have now made the technology available in the latest E9900 / P9900 0-Watt models.
The ESPRIMO E9900 / P9900 PCs utilise the latest Intel Core-i Processor technology which allows the user to multitask applications faster and experience maximum performance in the majority of applications, due to the combination of Intel® Turbo Boost technology and Intel® Hyper-Threading technology. The system management functions of Intel® vPro™ technology also offer extended energy-saving and simple administration in complex IT infrastructures.
The ESPRIMO E9900 / P9900 PCs come complete with further power-save options such as a switched monitor outlet and power save management.
Furthermore, these Desktops are supplied with up to 89% efficient power supply surpassing ENERGY STAR® 5.0 requirements.

The ESPRIMO P9900 / ESPRIMO E9900 PCs are available to buy now, please contact us for more details..... 0800 880 3360 and speak to Terry Biddulph
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Posted by Damien Biddulph on Mon 19th Apr 2010
Fujitsu are pleased to announce the latest additions to the LIFEBOOK mobile product range.
What’s new to the LIFEBOOK range?*:
· Intel® Core i3, i5, and i7 technology giving a boost in multitasking power.
· Intel® HD Graphics – Next generation Intel® integrated graphics, delivering stunning visual results and greater power efficiency extending battery life.
· LED (backlit) display technology for a better, brighter picture and greater energy efficiency.
· Aspect ratio 16:9 for a better viewing experience.
· Improved battery runtimes of up to 75% - Compared to previous LIFEBOOK’s, get up to 18 hours when using a 2nd battery fitted into the modular bay!
· Improved connectivity using the latest Intel® Centrino 6200 a/b/g/n wireless & Sierra Wireless Gobi 2000 3G/UMTS.
The NEW LIFEBOOK models:
o LIFEBOOK P3110 - From: £555.00 + VAT
· 11.6-inch HD LED notebook, ultra portable, thin & light
· Intel® (ULV) ultra low voltage technology
· Energy efficient with exceptional battery life
- Check out our latest review by
What Laptop
o LIFEBOOK P770 - From £1200.00 + VAT
· 12.1-inch LED ultra portable, high performance
· Intel® Core™ i7 620UM processor
· Only 1.4 kg including DVD drive
· Fingerprint sensor, Computrace® enabled BIOS, optional TPM and
Intel® vPro™ Technology
o LIFEBOOK S760 - from £847.00 + VAT
· 13.3-inch HD LED notebook at only 1.6 kg
· Ultra slim modular notebook, battery life up to 12 hours with 2nd battery fitted
· Fingerprint sensor, Computrace® enabled BIOS, optional TPM and Intel® vPro™ Technology

o LIFEBOOK T900 convertible tablet - from £1200.00 + VAT
· Bi-directional rotatable 13.3-inch active or dual digitiser at only
· Wide-view, high bright LED for enhanced outdoor viewing
· Modular bay, up to 12 hours battery life with 2nd battery fitted
· Excellent security options; Smart Card slot, Computrace® enabled BIOS, fingerprint sensor, optional TPM, and Intel® vPro™ Technology
· Only 13-inch convertible tablet on the market

o LIFEBOOK S710 - from £655.00 + VAT

· 14-inch HD LED notebook at only 2.15 kg
· Modular notebook, battery life up to 13 hours with 2nd battery fitted
· Excellent security; Smart Card slot, Computrace® enabled BIOS, optional fingerprint sensor, TPM and Intel® vPro™ Technology
· Shared modular options with E780, also common port replicator and AC adapter
o LIFEBOOK E780 - from £725.00 + VAT
· 15.6-inch HD or HD+ LED notebook
· Optional NVIDIA® 1Gb graphics card
· Modular notebook, battery life up to 18 hours with 2nd battery fitted
· Excellent security; Smart Card slot, Computrace® enabled BIOS, optional fingerprint sensor, TPM, and Intel® vPro™ Technology
· Shared modular options with S710, also common port replicator and AC adapter
o LIFEBOOK NH570 - from £975.00 + VAT
· Large 18.4-inch HD+ home cinema notebook
· Optional Blu-ray Disc™ drive and NVIDIA® GeForce® GT 330M graphics with 1GB dedicated video memory
· Up to 1TB of hard disk space

* Available on selected models

All our new LIFEBOOK's are available to buy now, please call for up to date prices and availability - 0800 880 3360

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Posted by Damien Biddulph on Fri 16th Apr 2010
Like insurance, plumbing and pairing up socks, backup is an unfortunate necessity of modern life. Too often, like burst pipes and odd socks, it goes wrong.
With the shipment of Fujitsu’s ETERNUS CS800, backup and restore has suddenly got easier for small and medium enterprises (SMEs).
Since it does backup to disk, the ETERNUS CS800 is fast. It can take on backup data at up to 2 Terabytes an hour.
Disk-to-disk backup has been long regarded as too expensive. The ETERNUS CS800 fixes this by using block-level data deduplication. In layman’s language it stores data just once, instead of repeatedly backing up the same unchanged files, over and over. This means the effective capacity of the system is typically increased by a factor of 10, reducing the cost of backup by 90%.
Two (or more) ETERNUS CS800 systems can work together. This is a simple way of setting up disaster backup systems, or consolidating many distributed systems.
So for the SME, Fujitsu’s ETERNUS CS800 makes backup a whole lot easier.
It just doesn’t sort socks.
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Posted by Damien Biddulph on Thu 15th Apr 2010

 Hyper-V is a cost effective entry into the world of virtualization. It allows Fujitsu customers with predefined architectures to provide the latest technology benefits using their current competency in Server deployments.

It is a reliable and efficient basis for a virtual IT infrastructure. ‘My Very First Hyper-V’ reflects current IT requirements and simultaneously offers a solid basis for future challenges.

In addition to the proven and reliable PRIMERGY servers and ETERNUS disk storage systems, the solution package uses Windows Server 2008 R2 Hyper-V virtualization technology, which reduces the skills requirement to implement and deploy Virtualisation into a small to medium Enterprise.
The System Center Virtual Machine Manager WGE ensures an even more effective and simple administration of the entire virtual environment.

The benefits of My Very First Hyper-V:
·         Low-priced entry into the world of virtualization
o    Low purchasing costs
o    Easier to operate
o    Up to 80% lower energy costs
o    More efficient server utilization
·         Higher flexibility
o    Ability to adapt to new challenges
o    Tested and certified
·         Our of achitecture
o    Virtualization solution for small and medium-sized businesses
o    Flexible solution package that allows scale for varying workloads
·         Components
o    PRIMERGY RX200 or RX300
o    ETERNUS DX60/DX80/DX90
o    Windows Server 2008 R2 Enterprise ROK or Datacenter ROK
o    System Center Virtual Machine Manager 2008 R2 WGE
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Posted by Damien Biddulph on Wed 14th Apr 2010

I recommend you take a look at the Google Trends & Insights for the upcoming election.

Lots of wonderful stats from Google about which party is most popular on Google, which leader has been searched for the most, and all sorts of information regarding the Election campaign.

Head over to Google Insights for more all the wonder stats from Google

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Posted by Damien Biddulph on Wed 14th Apr 2010

Check out the LIVE Demo video of our LIFEBOOK T4410 Tablet PC with Multi-touch posted on The Inquirer website last week CLICK HERE or below to view!

The video demonstrates the key features of our Tablet PC including dual-digitiser display with multi-touch capability, bi-directional hinge, modular bay for added flexibility, security features such as fingerprint sensor, function buttons on the screen and embedded 3G technology - take a look for yourself! If the tablet PC is something you fancy...contact us on 0800 880 3360 or email u2us@discus.co.uk

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