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UK slips further down the Worldwide Broadband Speed League to 35th
Posted by Damien Biddulph on Tue 17th Jul 2018


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Madagascar offers faster average broadband speeds than the UK

The UK has slipped further down the Worldwide Broadband Speed League table, falling four places to number 35.

At an average of 18.57Mbps, the UK is behind 25 other European countries and among the bottom third in the European Union.

Cable's Broadband internet Top-50 
  Country Region Av. spd
1 Singapore Asia & Pacific 60.39
2 Sweden Europe 46.00
3 Denmark Europe 43.99
4 Norway Europe 40.12
5 Romania Europe 38.60
6 Belgium Europe 36.71
7 Netherlands Europe 35.95
8 Luxembourg Europe 35.14
9 Hungary Europe 34.01
10 Jersey Europe 30.90
11 Switzerland Europe 29.92
12 Japan Asia & Pacific 28.94
13 Latvia Europe 28.63
14 Taiwan Asia & Pacific 28.09
15 Estonia Europe 27.91
16 Spain Europe 27.19
17 Lithuania Europe 27.17
18 Andorra Europe 27.14
19 Hong Kong Asia & Pacific 26.45
20 United States North America 25.86
21 Slovakia Europe 25.30
22 Madagascar Africa 24.87
23 France Europe 24.23
24 Finland Europe 24.00
25 Germany Europe 24.00
26 New Zealand Asia & Pacific 23.77
27 Czechia Europe 23.71
28 Slovenia Europe 21.41
29 Portugal Europe 21.28
30 South Korea Asia & Pacific 20.63
31 Bulgaria Europe 20.20
32 Poland Europe 19.73
33 Canada North America 19.48
34 Iceland Europe 18.85
35 UK Europe 18.57
36 Ireland Europe 18.22
37 Liechtenstein Europe 17.71
38 Austria Europe 17.51
39 Barbados South/LatAm 17.08
40 Thailand Asia & Pacific 17.06
41 Macao Asia & Pacific 16.12
42 Croatia Europe 15.60
43 Italy Europe 15.10
44 Gibraltar Europe 14.71
45 Moldova Europe 13.88
46 Malta Europe 13.60
47 Russia Europe 13.51
48 Malaysia Asia & Pacific 13.30
49 Aruba South/LatAm 13.27
50 Serbia Europe 13.00

In particular, broadband speeds in the UK now trail Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary, Estonia, Lithuania, the Czech Republic and Slovenia - among others - in Europe, and has even been leapfrogged by Madagascar.

The annual broadband league table from communications analyst group Cable tests internet speeds across 200 countries, taking an average of fastest and slowest.

The city state of Singapore, once again, comes out on top, with an average broadband speed of 60.39Mbps, while war ravaged Yemen brings up the rear with an average of just 0.31Mbps.

The tests, though, indicate that while speeds are being improved almost across the board around the world, they are growing fastest in the wealthiest economies.

"With average broadband speeds rising by 23 per cent in just one year it would be easy to assume an overall positive global picture," said Cable consumer telecoms analyst Dan Howdle.

He continued: "However, a closer look reveals the acceleration is concentrated towards the top end: the faster countries are improving more quickly, with those towards the bottom end of the table verging on stagnation."

In particular, Europe, the US, Singapore, Japan, Taiwan and Hong Kong are enjoying the biggest broadband speed boosts, he added, while relatively the UK is falling further behind.

The UK's communications infrastructure is dominated by BT via its wholly owned infrastructure arm, Openreach. It has been accused of not rolling out fibre broadband nearly aggressively enough. 

The failure of BT-owned Openreach to keep pace is reflected by its inability to roll out even fibre-to-the-cabinet broadband to large parts of London, let alone the rest of the country.

The organisation is now committed to rolling out fibre-to-the-premises, but the company's plans means that it will take a decade or more before the task is completed.

It is currently pledged to bring fibre to three million homes by 2020 and earlier this year promised to hire 3,000 engineers to help deliver that promise. 


Source: v3.co.uk



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