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Eight Challenges for Business Wireless Connection
Posted by Damien Biddulph on Mon 1st Feb 2016


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The Economist estimates that by 2020 approximately 80% of adults around the world will carry at least one super-mobile computer device that enables them to connect to the Internet, using services such as electronic payment, real-time social networking, and information sharing. Gartner estimates that around 90% of businesses will support "Bring Your Own Device" practices at the work place by 2017. By 2018, devices carried by employees themselves will double the amount owned by the company. This marks the beginning of the global Internet age.

Here are the eight most frequent issues faced by small to medium corporations when establishing and using a wireless connection.

1. Wi-Fi Dead Spots

Dead Spots often cause trouble for users, and sometimes even affect customer satisfaction with the provider. The design of traditional access points could not reach distant areas and the walls degrade Wi-Fi signal quality. Smart Antenna technology is one of the solutions to beat this challenge. Smart Antenna solution eliminates the dead spots, relying on the antennas’ full 360 degree coverage, dynamic patterns, and situational awareness to optimize Wi-Fi experiences.

2. Slow and Unstable Connection

Even when connected to the Internet, many users commonly experience unstable or slow connection speeds with their wireless connections. This is especially severe in areas where multiple access points are installed. Signal interference is one of the reasons for unstable connection. The interference is resulted from the various equipment of Wi-Fi environments coupled with different electromagnetic waves. Wi-Fi signals are the most easily affected, which poses another challenge for providing a high quality wireless connection.

3. Efficient Bandwidth Usage

One of the greatest challenges in managing a wireless connection is ensuring that every user within the same environment is satisfied with their connection speed and usage stability. With the more usages on bandwidth-hungry applications, bandwidth optimization and efficiency have become key factors that determine the quality of the user’s experience. This is especially true in business environments.

4. Connection Safety and Cyber Security

Apart from efficiency, connection safety and cyber security has also become one of the key concerns for many in the virtual world, especially regarding cyber security of personal privacy and rights. Related issues tend to make headline news due to their severity, which also makes it one of the frequent issues that keep CTO/CEO's awake at night. As a result, connection safety and cyber security is one of the key points of consideration when designing a wireless network.

5. IT Investment Assessment

Increasing management efficiency and seeking continued growth are primary targets for all profit-seeking enterprises. The underlying cost for Internet system renewal adds to the burden of operation costs, which has also become a key concern for managers. Not only do managers have to consider the cost to upgrade the system, they also have to think about how to prevent usage expenses from rising when increasing efficiency.

6. Internet Management and Deployment Efficiency

Internet management is the daily work of all IT personnel. Traditionally speaking, managing the connection system topologically has been the norm. However, this method is extremely time-consuming and prone to mistakes that cause management issues or even incomplete job handovers.

Moreover, when establishing or upgrading new systems, IT personnel must be on their toes, hoping that the assembly will be completed on time or otherwise risk affecting the normal operation of the Internet system. Hence, an optimizing management tool which could provide management and deployment efficiency is a very important key factor that determines work performance.

7. Easily Blend-In Product Design

Wireless access points should be installed in high locations (for example, close to the ceiling) for better coverage. Enterprises that place an emphasis on the office environment, or ones that emphasize interior design, such as hotels, restaurants, and conference centers, must also consider whether the product matches the interior design of their environment in addition to the product’s efficiency.

8. Eco-Friendly Quality

As environmental, public construction, and regional safety regulations become increasingly stringent, quality demands such as function optimization, usage safety, eco-friendly and energy saving design, interior flame-retardant, and poison-retardant materials have become important considerations in product procurement.

Source: zyxel.com



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