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Posted by Damien Biddulph on Wed 12th Jun 2013

  Business IT Support (4 hour response)
Server Support £166.00 + VAT per month
Workstation Support £20.00 + VAT per month
Cloud Service Support £66.00 + VAT per month
On-site Technican £680.00 + VAT per day

Please call 0800 880 3360 (01675430080) for more information or email u2us@discus.co.uk

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As the Holiday period is fast approaching it once again highlights the opportunity to cut wastage by ensuring PCs are shutdown.

A PC that isn’t shutdown after business hours will be on for the next 16 hours (66 if it’s a Friday and all week if it’s a Holiday!) costing money.

On top of that it’s a security risk and contributes to increased CO2 emissions.

All in all, automatically shutting down your PCs really is a no-brainer!

Discus lets you automatically shutdown all your PCs at a specific time and gives you all the power management features you need … built in.



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